Here are two fast and easy steps to order Premium keys / Premium accounts via Paysafecard:


Step 1 :  Send Paysafecard PIN code to:

- Send to:

- Amount: Corresponding order value. (Only accept USD or EURO)

If your PIN code in EURO, please check the value in EURO here:


Step 2 :  After checking your Paysafecard PIN code, Premium key will be sent to your email address & your mobile phone.


* Note:

- Only Paysafecard PIN code denominated USD and EURO will be accepted.

- Only accepted more than 50 USD or 50 EURO PIN code.

- If the value of your Paysafecard PIN is more than the value of your order, we will pay the rest to your account balance.

- In case of fraudulent amount, your account will be banned, and you will be disabled to use Paysafecard in future.