Easybytez is a provider of file hosting solutions. They provide options for storing your files effectively and securing them with the help of the vast options they provide for online storing and backing up of files. With the help of it, you can very easily store all your files, documents, videos, images and audio altogether at one place. Through this it will be very simple and quick to navigate through all your files quickly and get them stored safely. 

Get Easy Bytez Premium Account Free

Easybytez simply provides you with an easybytez premium account through which you can have a quick access to your files from any laptop or computer without actually carrying it all in a USB device. All you got to do is log in to your account. Also, you will be able to send and receive mails having a size much more than what is specified for sending mails. So, from storing and protecting your files to easy access and sending large sized mails, easybytez has got solutions for everything. Also, you get options for sharing things with whoever you want, or you can just keep it safe as a backup. These files can be then downloaded any time and from anywhere where there is internet connectivity. All this can be done just by having an easybytez premium account free. 

Main Features of Easybytez Premium Account

There are a lot of features provided. Some of them are as follows:

- Simple and easy: The user interface is really very simple to understand and handle. There are undoubtedly many options available and they all are made easily and clearly visible and can be reached by just a click. Also, the navigation options are really very smooth.
- High level speed: With the easybytez premium key, there is no limit at all for the highest speed. Modern severs, updated hard disks and massive storage capacity can all be enjoyed by the premium users. 
- Secured: With an easybytez premium account, you can be assured of security and privacy at its best. This is because of the seriousness given to the safety of one’s files and they all are kept encrypted. The files uploaded cannot he viewed by anyone unless and until you share the files with them. It is also assured that the data is not sold and there are absolutely no spam mails sent. 
- Trustworthy: Easybytez has a very balanced system altogether. So one need not worry about any website crashes and errors. There are a lot of servers working together to avoid site rush at peak hours. Hence, it is a trustworthy site on which everyone can rely on. 

The products offered:

If you want to have an easybytez premium key, there are many options available for the same.

- 2 days: The product which is available for two days comes at a price of $4.50 and is non recurring in nature. If you are  looking for something for short term usage, then you can opt for this.

- 30 days: There is this product available for 30 days for $8.90 and is completely secure.

- 60 days: If you are looking for a medium term premium account, then this product of 60 days at a price of $14.90 is decent.

- 90 days: This product is available for 3 months at a reasonable price of $17.90. 

- 180 days: This comes under a long term easybytez premium account free and its price is $30.90.

- 365 days: This one year account has a sale offer and is available at just $59.90 and is again very secured and non recurring. 


There are several options of buying from a reseller. Also, you can become a reseller yourself. If you wish to purchase from a reseller, all you need to do is visit our website and buy a voucher which you can redeem for creating or upgrading your easybytez premium account. Our reseller's website will provide you the best rates at every premium account you purchase from us having the best quality and performance rate assured. We deal with the best file hosting companies and make sure our customers get the best. 

Get EasyBytez Premium Key

If in case you wish to become an easybytez premium account reseller, than you will get an added advantage of buying accounts from the main site at a discount. After purchasing, you can get it sold at whatever price you wish. The only thing a reseller has to take care is selling accounts through the local billing process of the origin country. By becoming an easybytez premium account reseller, one can earn high profits and also get payouts through referrals. 

The easybytez premium account is the best choice for the safe storage of your files. The wide range of options, sharing of files, security, easy navigation through the site and reasonable prices are something which makes it a must to have it.